West Virginia Hills by Jeff Ellis

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Our Town Ravenswood, West Virginia

Connie and I mentioned that we have both moved back to our home town in Ravenswood, West Virginia. We have reconnected with many of our old friends on Facebook where we post a lot of pictures of Ravenswood and Jackson County. We have received many compliments and thanks for posting these pictures from people, who like us, grew up here but have moved away. We even get requests from people wanting photos of specific places that they would like to remember.

Not much has changed in Ravenswood since we were kids in the 60s and 70s, though there are a few businesses that have sprung up, but that's fairly typical. Most places and scenes are very recognizable to anyone who grew up here. One thing that hasn't changed is the people who are still very friendly, more than ready with a warm greeting when passing on the street, or more than happy to reach out and help a neighbor in need. But overall,  living in Ravenswood doesn't seem to have changed much, and I am happy for that.

Today Connie and I decided to drive around town and photograph some of the recognizable places and compile them into a photo montage which we hope you will enjoy and which will maybe even call up some happy memories for you. Perhaps you will want to share them with your children or grandchildren to show them where you grew up. Whatever your reason for viewing we hope that you will enjoy the pictures as much as we did in putting this together.

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